Olive green Cable Knit Clutch

$195.00 - $210.00
  • Olive green Cable Knit Clutch
  • Olive green Cable Knit Clutch
  • Olive green Cable Knit Clutch
  • Olive green Cable Knit Clutch
  • Olive green Cable Knit Clutch

This clutch is truly designed for women who appreciate luxury, quality, and individuality. Its unique features make it a one-of-a-kind accessory that stands out from the rest.

The clutch is made from stunning olive green Italian leather with a stonewashed effect, which gives it a distinctive and fashionable appearance. The leather has been carefully embossed to create a cable knit design, adding texture and visual interest. The result is a clutch with an amazing textured feel that exudes style and sophistication.

The natural timber handle not only adds a touch of natural beauty but also features a magnetic closure for secure storage of your belongings. This ensures that the contents of your purse are kept safe and easily accessible.

To add a touch of interest and personality, the clutch is lined with printed cotton lining. Please note that the actual lining may vary from the photo, offering a unique and unexpected element to each clutch.

Additionally, you have the option to choose between a full cable knit design on both the front and back of the clutch or a front center panel cable knit with a cable knit back. This choice allows you to personalize the clutch according to your preferences and style.

Overall this clutch is a true testament to luxury, quality, and uniqueness. Its combination of stunning leather and the natural timber handle all contribute to its outstanding appeal. This clutch is a statement piece that will elevate your style and set you apart from the crowd.


25cm wide (at top)
30cm wide (at widest part)
22cm high

*Creating these clutches in my own studio allows me to maintain a hands-on approach, ensuring the highest quality standards and the ability to infuse my unique style and creativity into each piece. It also adds a personal connection to the clutches, as they are not mass-produced but made with individual care and expertise.