Rose Leather & Timber Clutch

  • Rose Leather & Timber Clutch
  • Rose Leather & Timber Clutch
  • Rose Leather & Timber Clutch
  • Rose Leather & Timber Clutch
  • Rose Leather & Timber Clutch

These clutches are crafted with the utmost care, using exquisite, smooth, and high-quality leather sourced from Italy. The beautiful Rose pink colour adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design. The multiple panels of leather on the front create a visually stunning pattern, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the clutch.

The natural timber handle not only adds a distinctive and organic element but also incorporates a magnetic closure. This feature ensures that the contents of your purse remain secure while allowing for easy access when needed. The magnetic closure provides convenience and peace of mind, keeping your belongings safe throughout the day.

Adding a pop of interest, the clutches are lined with printed cotton lining. Please note that the actual lining may vary from the picture, ensuring that each clutch is unique and offers a delightful surprise.

Overall these clutches combine the beauty of smooth high-quality leather with the organic natural charm of timber. The result is a stylish, durable, and functional accessory that captures attention and elevates your overall look.

Timber frame -
25cm wide (at top)
30cm wide (at widest part)
23cm high

*Creating these clutches in my own studio allows me to maintain a hands-on approach, ensuring the highest quality standards and the ability to infuse my unique style and creativity into each piece. It also adds a personal connection to the clutches, as they are not mass-produced but made with individual care and expertise.